"Our Squash is A-Peeling" ™

John B. Martin and Sons Farms, INC.

Fresh-Cut Squash

Martin’s peeled and cut butternut squash lets customers enjoy the taste, flavor and texture of fresh squash without the labor.  We offer a variety of sizes and packaging styles, so we can help find one that’s right for you.


Peeled and Cut Butternut Squash

· Much of the equipment used at Martin Farms was designed or modified on site.

· We have designed new packages and labels for retail customers.

· We package up to 40,000 pounds per week for our retail buyers.

Packaging Process

Workers place strips of peeled butternut squash on the segmenter to be cubed and then packaged.

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Other Fresh-Cut Squash Varieties

We have expanded our line of fresh-cut squash to include:

· Fresh-Cut Acorn Squash - a sweet and nutty mild flavor

· Fresh-Cut Delicata Squash - soft yellow flesh has a delicate and very sweet flavor that compares to sweet corn

· Fresh-Cut Sweet Dumpling –has a yellow-orange sweet tasting flesh


These fresh cut varieties have the same great home-style cut as our famous butternut squash.


“If you have ever tried to peel a butternut squash, it is easy to see why our product is such a value.  We believe that it will help increase consumption of butternut dramatically.” —Jim Martin

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